Memories to Cherish

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With school in full swing, the countdown has begun. Eight months to go: Graduation! Senior year has officially started. In less than 300 days, their next chapter begins.

Senior year will be the last of those “childhood memories” created before adulthood emerges as reality and childhood is transformed into distant memories. The last time the team is together tasting that sweet victory. The last time the harmonies ring and soar in concert halls. The last of the school dances that will end with the Senior Prom. The decisions that will be made of what to do beyond graduation: go to college, enter the military, go to a trade or vocational school, or enter the workforce fulltime. Whatever decisions are made in the next nine months, there will always be the memories we cherish from our childhood.

Not all kids played sports or have the same family traditions, but we all have memories that are near and dear to us. There are memories that bring a smile and brighten our face. Maybe they create a warm, comfortable feeling that no one can take away from them. Give those memories or cherished feelings in the warmth of a special quilt.

For your athlete or sports lover

For the Love of the Sport

Or to celebrate your athlete (available in 10 different sport themes)

For your outdoor lovers

Pick one of our many outdoor themes

For your favorite college (colors) or team

Embracing hobbies, passions, or memories

Use one of these panel patterns to make a quilt from those special t-shirts or garments

Each one of our children are unique. Make them a quilt that is unique and meaningful as they are.


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