Shipping Information

What will it cost me for shipping?

QuiltersWarehouse uses weight based shipping starting at only $1.99. Your orders shipping rate will be calculated based on the physical weight of the order. Efforts will be made to determine if a more economical shipping rate can be applied.

Can I specify how I want my order shipped?

QuiltersWarehouse utilizes USPS and UPS as our shipping carriers. Please note that all UPS packages are shipped with no signature required. If you would like to require a signature on your UPS package please call us toll free (888) 305-5200 after you place your order. The signature required option is available for an additional $5.00

Are shipments traceable?

Some are, Some aren’t. If your package falls into our economical $1.99 shipping, then it will not be traceable. All other shipments are sent with tracking. All orders shipped UPS or valued over $30 shipped USPS are provided tracking numbers via email.

What if my package doesn't arrive.

The shipping methods we use are reliable and fast but things do happen. Please allow 10 business days from the date of shipment before contacting our customer service department; at which time feel free to email or call (800) 391-2867 . At that time, a Customer Service Representative will look into your package tracking and determine if a replacement needs to be shipped.

I won't be home when my package arrives?

You will be glad to hear that 99.9% of all packages that we send out make it safe and sound to their destinations. It is rare indeed that one fails to make it. Here are a few things that can help facilitate YOUR package's safe arrival:

- If you are not going to be home at the time you anticipate your package will arrive, please consider changing the delivery address to one where someone can sign for the receipt of the package.

- We are happy to oblige your delivery comments on your package - Leave by the Door, Leave at the Barn Entrance - and so on, however, we are not responsible if that packages goes astray before you get in your hands.

- We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen packages which have been marked as "delivered" when tracked via the delivery confirmation number.

Disputes in Delivery

During a delivery dispute, we can re-send your items that a Carrier has marked delivered and you did not receive. However, we will have to charge you for the new shipment and shipping. The Carrier will usually track down the item and we will happily refund the item if and when it eventually makes it back to us in good shape.

Where will my package ship from?

Packages are shipped out of Petersburg, MI. Occasionally, we do have an item drop-shipped for you directly from a vendor, but this is rare.

International Shipping Information

Our standard international shipping method is US Postal Service Global Express by air for all international shipments. International shipments may be subject to review depending on weight, size, and destination. Customer Service will contact you by email on the next business day if your order requires adjustment. You are responsible for customs, duties, and taxes.

We will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages which have been marked as "shipped" when tracked via the delivery confirmation number.

Other Shipping Questions
If you have questions regarding shipping, please contact us by email at Please email Customer Service at or call Toll Free (800) 391-2867