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A Girlie Girl Apron is a fun and easy pattern with clear instructions and plenty of graphics. Try it in soft colors or go for the bold works! Designed by Leigh Headington.

Like a good scout, you can be prepared for sew day! Using an easy method of adding zippers, you'll have your tool kit ready in no time. Instructions are clear and detailed to assure a great tool kit. Tool Kit Size: 11 x 26" open, 11 x 6 1/2" closed. Snippet Bag is 4 x 4 x4" with cuff folded, 4 x...

iStash and Go is a great way to stash your ipad and plugs in your handbag or briefcase and head out. The project is made using either 2 1/2" strips or can be made with contrasting fabrics. iStash is a great gift item for your self or friends and offers the opportunity for a fun shop class. iStash...