AF Enterprises is not a Trade Mark of QuiltersWarehouse and never will be, although it may be copyrighted (if that is a word) Products introduced at by AF Enterprises at QuiltersWarehouse on April 1st of each year are manufactured and distributed solely for the enjoyment of the visitors to QuiltersWarehouse and are usually not intended to be commercially available to the general public unless otherwise stated, which it never is.

Any AF Enterprises products that refers to other manufactures or have similar appearance to any other all ready manufactured product is mostly coincidental. The staff at QuiltersWarehouse, I mean AF Enterprises does not intend to make fun of or otherwise diminish the value of any other legitimate product on the market. The purpose is to have some fun once a year.

Bottom line, AF Enterprises is an acronym for 'April Fools Enterprises', and if you can't enjoy a fairly good April fools day joke, 'My Bad'
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