short-arm QUILTER - April Fools 08

Can't afford a long arm quilting machine? Want that hand quilted look with out spending all the time? The short-arm QUILTER is for you. This machine can hand quilt a king size quilt in minutes at over 3.5 sps (stitches per second).

Adjustable built in stitch regulator determines the stitch length between each stitch. Choose from these 5 settings:
Import . . . 2 stitches per inch
10ft test . . 6 stitches per inch
Grandma. . 8 stitches per inch
Amish . . . 12 stitches per inch
Husband . . Inconsistant

365 templates are built in the short-arm to choose from, one for every day of the year. For the feminine look there are diamonds, hearts, scallops and more. For the masculine look there are golf clubs, beer cans, NASCAR and bass boats. There are even some designs with a youthful look including Guitar Hero, and iPod

This machine can operate by treddle, battery, electricity or solar and will work best in a dark & damp climate. Only weighting 427 oz, the short-arm QUILTER has built in wheels so it can go wherever you want to show your hand quilting expertise.

Supplies are limited and so is this offer. Get your short-arm QUILTER today (only if your lucky!).

Item : AFE2008

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