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Sewing Organizer: Organizing our sewing area helps the creative process flow. Less time is spent looking for what you need and more time is spent doing what we all love.

If you do hand work and like to take some along with you or even if you just take it from your sewing room to the living room a wallet organizer helps keep things together. Joining your local quild for a sewing day can be much easier if you have a take-along organizer.

Sayings Organizer is a wall hanging for your tools. Make one for your sewing room and one for your family room to hang next to your favorite spot for hand work. Most of us don’t worry about dust collecting on our sewing machine but if you do have to abandon it for a few days there’s a pattern for a cute Sewing Machine Cover.

Have you ever used a Scrap Sack or a Snips & Pin Catcher? Once you’ve made one and used it you’ll wonder how you ever managed to do without. The sand in the pincushion portion keeps your pins sharp and weights the item so it can hang off the edge of your sewing machine table right where you need it. Toss your loose threads in the “cup” and they won’t be all over the floor or getting tangled with your working thread.

Thread Library is an awesome way to store your thread. You can see it all at a glance and access it easily. No more shuffling through a box of spools (with long thread tails everywhere) or lifting spools to see the color. And it was designed by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs so you know its easy to put together.

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