Lily Pocket Purse Pattern

On the go with this flirty, fun, and full of pockets to stay organized. Wear from your shoulder or cross-body to rest comfortably and securely at your hip. Fully lined, short to long handle, inside and outside pockets, Velcro closure. Finished size: approx. 9” x 10 1/4” x 1”


A long handle (42") is great for wearing Lily cross-body to hang securely at your hip or hang straight from your shoulder. A medium length handle (27") will allow Lily to tuck nicely behind your elbow when worn at the shoulder. Make the handle any length you like.

Lily has several inside pockets and a couple of handy pockets on the back for your cell phone and a pen or lip gloss. The pockets are located at the widest part of the bag, making them surprisingly generous.

Lily is about the size of a sheet of copy paper. She is 9" wide at the top opening, gracefully widening to just over 10" at the pockets, 10 1/2″ tall and just 1" deep. Lily has a slightly rounded shape, making her a bit wider at the middle than the top or bottom. The back of the bag is flat. The front has both pleats and darts, offering depth.

Velcro Closure
Lily’s 9" wide opening offers a Velcro closure. If you prefer, a magnetic snap would work well for Lily, too. I tried a zipper and it simply is too much for this size opening. A zip cuts down on the usable width of the opening and adds bulk at the shoulder strap and side seam.

Item : LGD128

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