Visual Social Network - April Fools 10

Now you can keep tabs on all your quilting friends by becoming a user of the Quilters Visual Social Network. This sew-in, always-on, LCD screen has a built in audio & video to enable 24/7 continuous feed from anyone who owns one.

Voice commands change the unlimited number of channels, just say the channel number you wish to view or ask for the on-quilt guide to select from. Want to keep a secret? Had problems getting your corners to match, don't worry, you can't hide from your QLCD, our AOT (always on technology) makes it virtually impossible to finish that quilt without everyone knowing all about the seams you had to rip out.

No electric outlet needed! Our QLCD is powered by the static electricity already in the quilt. If the picture ever seems to lack a little luster, rub the quilt vigorously with your hand, or better yet, grab your cat to provide a little extra charge.

Placement of your quilt is critical. For maximum fun, hang your QLCD quilt where you spend most of your time, in your sewing room where everyone can check in on your latest project.

Needs a cleaning? The QLCD can withstand any cycle in any washing machine. In fact, go to a friends house and watch yours get washed on their QLCD, remember it has AOT.

The QLCD Not recommended for use as bed quilt or as a bathroom wall hanging. AF Enterprises nor its subsidiaries recommends nor warranties any aspect of the QLCD; nor is responsible for any destroyed personal relationships as a result of this product. Not compatible with any other social media network or website.

COMING SOON, the Mini QLCD to be sewn into your purse so you can take your friends everywhere you go.

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Item : AFE2010

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