Batting in a Can - April Fools 04

Wish all your quilts were smooth and un-bunched?
Need a quick fix for that quilt without enough batting?
Tired (aren’t we all) of quilts that just don’t look right?

Then Batting in a Can is for you….

Available in:10oz, 12oz & super size 16oz sizes
Lofts Available: No-Loft, Fluffy & “Stand Back It’s Gonna Blow”

BATTING IN A CAN provides a convenient way to fix those dimpled places in quilts that don’t look quite right. Just insert the handy needle spout into the quilt and fill the quilt to the desired loft.

For new construction, lay your quilt and spray BATTING IN A CAN evenly with fan tip (at additional cost) until entire top is covered; layer backing and let set 36 to 48 hours. You can re-position backing for up to 7 minutes after initial contact with product. Not recommended for weak hand quilters. For best results, quilt with industrial sewing machine.

Order today and receive the special one time use 4oz can for quilt emergencies, and 3 extra needle tips. Great for times like these: - When things sag at a quilt show. – When the cat lays too long in one place - When friends are coming and the angel food cake falls

User Comments: * Evelyn in California I wouldn’t have received first place if I hadn’t filled that spot that got caught in the car door. * Bill in Texas / I keep a can in the car just in case of a flat tire * Mary in Idaho / Batting in a can saved my life when I fell out of the canoe and my life jacket wasn’t fluffy enough

Caution: The Surgeon Captain has indicated that ingesting more than 12oz of this product may cause obesity in some individuals.

Order yours today!! (so we can finally sell some) AF Enterprises products Exclusively found at QuiltersWarehouse one day once a year.

Item : AFE2004

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