Every Angle Ruler - April Fools 03

Why waste your money on all those other practical rulers? With the Every Angle Ruler you get one ruler that does it all. Every angle imaginable can be produced, some in as few as 3 cut and with little waste. Known as the Not Much Math ruler, users only need basic advanced algebra to accomplish almost anything. YES! You can be a pro and create angles you never thought were possible, even some that aren't!

Just try not to think of the possibilities Every Angle Ruler even comes with its own convenient 32" x 48" carrying case. You can even add your own zipper at no additional cost if you would like it to close. Un-attached handles included.

YOU CAN MAKE THESE: You can make Nearly Perfect blocks & angles like these: Squares, Triangles, Rectangles, Flying Geese, Standing Geese, Swimming Geese, ½ Square Triangles, 3/4 Square Triangles, 7/8 square Triangles, Full Square Triangles, Single Wedding Ring, Double Wedding Ring, Divorced Broken Ring, Radiant Star, 4 pointed Star, North Star, 7 pointed Star, Star of David, 8 pointed Star, 13 pointed Star, and any combination between.

EVERY ANGLE BOOK With every Every Angle Ruler you can also purchase the optional Every Angle Book. This compact 520 page booklet shows you step by step how you can make every angle. Optional 3 CD set also available. In this book you could learn: Pg 125 What to do with the angle salvage Pg 187 How to avoid making common mistakes Pg 235 Rotary Cutter First Aid Pg 456 How to cover up what you didn't read on Pg 480 Comprehensive Index

CERTIFICATION AVAILABLE If you would like to have a level 1 certification for proper use of this ruler, please contact our customer service department HELP@cantbelieveyouboughtit.com for dates and times in your area

Read comments from our customers: Mary in Virginia - "I'm sure this ruler will do most of what they say it will" John in Illinois - "I just bought one for my wife, she's a quilter and I'm sure she will be thrilled" Rose in Oregon - "Where was this ruler when I my daughter was learning geometry"

Hurry, supplies are almost non-existent AF Enterprises products Exclusively found at QuiltersWarehouse one day once a year.

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