in-betweens - April Fools 06

Never seem to have the right size quilting needle? Find that a #10 is too large but just can't seem to hold onto a #9? Then what you need is IN-BETWEENS QUILTING NEEDLES

This needle is not the traditional hand quilting needle. The IN-Betweens needle is allot thicker than other needles (lots thicker), giving it added strength for moving through a quilt's layers and layers of fabric and batting.

HAND MADE Our needles come close to being the finest needles made. Each needle is hand made by a blacksmith in South Caroline as his father and grandfather did before him, using the finest left over horseshoes he can find to craft these needles to our specification

SIZES IN-Betweens come in sizes 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, &12.5. Size 9.5 is the smallest (if you can pick it up) and size 12.5 is the largest (about the size of a #2 pencil)

PLATED We use only the best plating we could find at the local five & dime hardware store.

STRENGTH No needle has the strength of our needles, to prove it, we pulled a pickup truck across a parking lot with one. Click here to see our video

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE These needles come in an empty pop can, just turn upside down and shake till a needle falls out of this handy dispenser. (If you can't hear the needles shake inside, rinse well with warm water to remove any sticky residue)

GUARANTEED To provide even stitching for an "all thumbs" quilter. If not completely satisfied, return the unopened container to the manufacture (if you can find them) for a full refund.

Hurry, supplies are Extremely Limited; another AF Enterprises product exclusively found at QuiltersWarehouse one day once a year.

Item : AFE2006

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