Marissa's Bag Pattern

"Marissa's Bag" is one of the most versatile purses you will ever find. First you will need a metal purse frame and then, just like an old-fashioned paper doll, you can dress the frame in one outfit after another. Translated that means you have several purses which all use the same metal purse frame - you just change the fabric purse body from one to another. The possibilities are endless! Since "Marissa" doesn't require a lot of fabric and is perfect for patchwork, it's so easy to combine coordinating odds and ends. You can make her plain and simple or dress her up with bits of lace and ribbon. Better yet - do both. You'll have so much fun it'll be like the famouse chip commercial - "you can't make just one!" Dressing the purse frame is a bit like hanging curtains on rods. You just slip the rod pocket over the curtain (purse) rod and it automatically is gathered and you're ready to go. Inside there's wall- to-wall pockets so you'll not only be beautiful - you'll be organized. We guarantee you'll love the look and will have tons of compliments when you carry your new "Marissa" bag. Dimensions: 11" wide x 7" high x 3.5" deep

Item : PONSC20

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