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Punch Needle: Punch needle embroidery is done with one simple, easy to learn stitch. Yarn is pushed through cloth and loops of yarn remain on the top. Complicated looking, detailed designs are possible with this process. You’ll find this to be a relaxing hobby with beautiful results. Debbie Field of Granola Girl Designs has a dozen punch needle designs that were inspired by her adventures in the woods of Wisconsin, the lakes of Minnesota and the mountains of Montana. Wildlife and rustic scenery are the subjects of her designs and they will appeal to any nature lover. Susie C Shore Designs has combined kitties and fish in a couple whimsical designs: Just for Me?! and Here Fishy, Fishy… There are patterns with birds and a couple with trees; one with pears and one with a pineapple. Christmas is represented with a group of four ornaments decorated with a snowman, a gingerbread man, a penquin and a candy cane. The Holiday Gift Card Holder is a great idea and a way to dress up your gift card. Plus the holder can be used as an ornament each year.

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