Miniature Quilt Patterns

Miniature quilts are an art unto themselves. Many are suitable for framing and add a special elegance and charm to the room they grace. They are just what the name implies – smaller versions of large quilts. You will typically find traditional quilt blocks in miniature quilts.

Because of their size, miniatures are a great tool for practicing your hand sewing. They are perfect take-along projects. Of course, if you are a confirmed machine only sewer (and many of us are!) there isn’t any reason you can’t construct these quilt on your machine.

The patterns shown here from The Galloping Pony are collages that use miniature quilt blocks and are made to be framed. Personalizing and modifying the design to your liking is easy and encouraged by the designer. Virginia Cole has instructions for several embellishments

Since cutting out little strips of fabric is cumbersome with your large rotary cutter and large ruler, there are smaller versions available, like the 1” X 6” Creative Grids Ruler and the 28mm Olfa Rotary Cutter

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