Template Patterns


Template Quilt Patterns

Using templates will the measuring when cutting pieces. Some of these patterns include templates and some of the give instructions for making templates. The curve templates make cutting and sewing curves easy. Many of the curved templates include a pattern to get you started.

Its common to see stars when looking at template patterns. Eight pointed stars and the triangles needed to make them can be easier this way. And you’ll get some striking results.

Angels by Mary Ellen Vonhol of Little Quilts offers directions and templates for eight projects plus the Little Quilt Primer with lots of hints and tips. Greetings, also from Little Quilts, has instructions and templates for six projects. The templates include the alphabet so you can make lots of personalized gifts.

Toni Smith of Toni’s Treasures has a few star patterns available: 8” Stained Glass Diamond, 5” Diamond Star and 5” Pinwheel Star.

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