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Crazy Quilts: This style of quilting began back around the 1870’s and they are not as crazy and random as one might think. These quilts are a great way to use random bits of scraps. Traditionally the pieces are sewn onto a foundation piece of fabric and each seam is then covered with a decorative stitch. You have a chance to really let go and explore your creative side with crazy quilts.

Threaded Pear Studio’s pattern Crazy Mixed Up has instructions for two different sizes and they are fat quarter friendly.

Victorian Crazy Quilt has 12 different blocks, each with a different center focal point made in a variety of ways. A great way to learn new skills, or put the ones you already know to use. Feather Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch, Detached Chain and Straight Stitches, Needle Lace, and Stem Stitch are just a few example of the methods used in this quilt.

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