Fab Four

I had this idea... choose four blocks that, when set either alone or with 'friends' would play well together by making some interesting secondary designs and Voila! Four different quilts from four easy blocks! Actually... swap the blocks around for yourself and the playful possibilities are endless. Quilt one uses only one block, quilt two uses two, three uses three and.. well... now you get the idea. Any fabrics or color way work great. Give it a try and make a John, Paul, George, Ringo or all Fab Four quilts for yourself! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!). Each quilt has only 13 blocks and uses 3 yards of fabric or less. I recommend using Open Gate's Fit to be Square ruler to make the Square-in-a-square units. Quilts measure approximately 36" x 36". Designed By Pam Buda

Item : HSQ205

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