Aught Light - April Fools 05

Have you ever given someone a quilt and had them say “It’s lovely; just wish the reds were a different shade”

Been to a quilt shop and thought to yourself “I would like this blue fabric if it was a little darker”

Walked into the garage and wondered “Sure wish I had a green Mercedes instead of my black Ford”

Well, don’t worry any more about most of these problems, the AUGHT light to the rescue. Just turn it on and watch it work, then think of all the things it AUGHT to do. Simply place the aught light in front of your wall hanging and watch it change colors right before your eyes.

- No more worrying about choosing the right color way.
- No more fussing over which prints are light, medium or dark
- No more dealing with color wheels and funny glasses

Other things the AUGHT LIGHT aught to do:
** Aught to change the quilting stitches
** Aught to allow for embroidery designs not to change colors
** Aught to hide the spot where your sister’s baby christened the quilt

The AUGHT LIGHT, the light that aught to do everything, But can’t! No other light is like the AUGHT LIGHT; Why would you want it to be?

If you’d have ordered yours yesterday, you’d have received this introductory offer: 5 easily mortgageable payments, you pay 4 and the 5th payment is on us, (if you can find us!). AF Enterprises products, exclusively found at QuiltersWarehouse one day once per year.

Item : AFE2005

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