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Can I get terms on my purchases?
YES! Even on your first order. You will receive our QuiltersWarehouse exclusive terms of Net 30 Extended. With these terms, your credit card will not be charged until 20 days from the date of the invoice.


Why do you call your terms Net 30 Extended?
We provide our wholesale customers 20 days before the credit card used to secure the order is charged. At that point, depending on your credit card billing cycle, you may have anywhere from 15 to 45 days (or even more) before your credit card payment is due. In essence, this provides you 35 to 65 days before you will pay for your purchases. Debit cards are an exception.


Do you need credit References?
No need for credit check, industry references, or any other application is necessary with our Net 30 Extended terms, because we will authorize your credit card at the time of purchase.

I'm an established customer, why does the order form still ask for a credit card?
All orders placed at QuiltersWarehouse are secured and confirmed with a credit card. As an established wholesale customer, your credit card will be charged according to our Net 30 Extended policy.


Why can't I view the wholesale pricing structure online?
It is possible that your account has not been properly marked by our customer service staff for you to see wholesale pricing. If you believe this might be the case, please give us a call at (800) 391-2867 and speak to a customer service representative


How will backorders be billed?
Any backorders filled within 20 days of the original invoice date, will be charged to your credit card with the original invoice. Backorders not filled by this date will be cancelled and must be reordered.


Out of Stock Items, what happens?
United States - If 4 or more items you have ordered are out of stock, they will be automatically backordered, and then shipped at no additional shipping charges when available.

International- All out of stock items on any order will be cancelled and the order will be shipped as complete.

How will I know my order has been shipped?
You will receive an email on the day your order is shipped which will include a copy of the invoice.

Do you have tracking numbers?
Wholesale orders are shipped UPS and they will provide you an email with the tracking number upon shipment.

Can I phone, fax or e-mail orders?
Yes, you will be asked for your credit card by phone or you can include it by fax. Please - do not transmit Credit Card information by e-mail! If you would like to e-mail orders to us on a regular basis, we can place your card number in our system for billing purposes.

Will I receive any invoice or receipt?
You will receive a copy of the invoice in your shipment that will show the quantities and dollars involved in your purchase. Your credit card statement will be your receipt of payment.

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