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    Quilt Batting by Quilters Dream:  

    Quilt Batting by Quilters Dream

    Quilters Dream Batting is a favorite here at QuiltersWarehouse and of both hand quilters and machine quilters everywhere. Available in cotton, poly, puff, wool, fire-retardant, recycled and cotton stuffing. Choose Quilters Dream Batting no matter what your quilting or sewing project.

    Quilters Dream Cotton Batting is 100% cotton. Made from the finest USA natural and environmentally friendly cotton, it is specially processed so you can quilt up to 8" apart. Whether you quilt by hand or machine, your needle will glide smoothly through the fine, consistent, even webbing of this quilt batting. There is no need to prewash. You can machine wash and dry your finished quilt with minimal shrinkage. Available in four lofts. Request is the lowest loft and is excellent for hand and machine quilting. Select is midloft for hand and machine quilting and is great for crafts. Deluxe is high loft; machine quilts beautifully and is great for crafts. Supreme is the thickest cotton batting of all; just right for kitchen crafts and comforters.
    Quilters Dream Poly Batting is made in the US from an exclusive blend of over 60 million fine denier microfibers per pound that imitate the softness, warmth, drape and breathability of natural fibers. The consistent quality is a result of carding, crosslapping and needlepunching with no scrims or resins in this quilt batting. There is no need to prewash - your finished quilts can be washed and dried with very little to no shrinkage. This quilt batting is very resistant to wrinkles, creases and fold lines.
    Quilters Dream Green Quilt Batting is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. Each pound of Dream Green quilt batting keeps 10 plastic bottles our of our landfill. Plastic bottles are cut into chips, washed, melted and extruded into fine polyester fiber. Dream Green quilt batting has been carded, crosshatched and needlepunched for uniformity, strength, and resilency. Your needle will glide right through. Scrim and resin free and yet you can quilt up to 12" apart.  You'll be amazed at the softness, and your finished quilt can be machine washed and dried with little to no shrinkage. The soft, "natural" green color has been retained to avoid additional processing, but rest assured that Dream Green quilt batting is colorfast.
    Quilters Dream Orient Batting is a luxurious blend of velvety Bamboo, luscious silk, strong silky Tencel® and soft stable Cotton. Dream Orient's natural environmentally friendly fibers are carded, crosslapped and finely needlepunched to bring you the most desirable qualities of softness, strength, warmth and breathability. The elegant silky soft drape makes Dream Orient a batting beyond compare! Machine wash and dry with cool water/cool dryer - shrinkage approximately 3%. You can stitch up to 8" apart.
    Quilters Dream Blend for Machines Batting is 70% Cotton blended with 30% Fine Denier Poly Microfibers creating the perfect batting especially developed for machine quilting. The highest grade of USA cleaned natural cotton is blended with our silky fine denier polyester microfibers. These perfectly blended fibers are carded and crosslapped for a smooth consistent web that is layered on to a light scrim and specially needlepunched. Dream Blend for Machines is made with the same distinctive quality, cleanliness and consistency that has made Quilters Dream Batting the one you can always count on!
    Dream Fusion by Quilters Dream is a wonderfully convenient option for combining the qualities of Quilters Dream Batting while eliminating the need for pinning and basting. We have taken the Dream Cotton and Dream Poly and 'infused' them with soft fusible fibers - so that you have the softness, quilt-ability, and drapeability of the Dream Cotton and Dream Poly - with the added convenience of being fusible! Dream Fusion is solvent-free it's use is environmentally friendly. ...and your hand, short-arm or longarm needles will not 'gum up' while using Dream Fusion.
    Dream Puff by Quilters Dream is lighter than a feather yet warmer than down!Quilters Dream Puff A lusciously light batting with exceptional warmth and a soft resilient loft of almost 1/2 inch. Dream Puff is 1.5 times warmer than down and almost twice as warm as high loft polyester battings. So light, breathable and wonderfully comfortable, you will be amazed at Dream Puffs superior warmth. Pure white.
    Batting by the Case is also available in most sizes and styles, from cotton to poly, save by orderign by the case.

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