QuiltersWarehouse is running our first Pinterest promotion called Pinning my next quilt pattern project

The contest is simple. Start a Pinterest
board called “Pinning my next quilt pattern project” and fill it up with whatever you would need to complete that project; pattern, fabric tools, etc.

There are, of course, a few rules:
A majority of your 'pins' on the board must originate from QuiltersWarehouse.com
Must include 1 quilt pattern (any size quilt) from QuiltersWarehouse.com
Must EMAIL QuiltersWarehouse a link to your completed board
Must follow QuiltersWarehouse brand on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/qwarehouse/ )
Must comply with Pinterest’s Terms & Privacy Policy

Must name your board “Pinning my next quilt pattern project”
Pins must be completed by August 18th, 2012 (submissions received until Midnight CST)

Prizes you ask? There will be a grand prize of a $50 gift certificate to QuiltersWarehouse; 2nd place prize of a $25 certificate and who knows what else may happen.

The staff at QuiltersWarehouse will choose the winner. The decision will be based on the pattern chosen, appropriateness of the fabric colors and creativity of the selected pin board. Bottom line, it's a totally subjective contest on both your part and that of our judges. So with that in mind, we expect everyone to have fun with this; no sore pinners are allowed!

What is Pinterest? If your are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a social media site that allows you to find and post interesting and inspiring things. It's basically a virtual bulletin board that you can share with friends, family and the world!

Don' Forget Send the link to the finished boards to service@quilterswarehouse.com and have fun pinning your way to your next quilt project!

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